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Why Jigsaw Puzzles?

In this challenging time we are facing with COVID-19 people are spending a lot more time at home. Netflix can only go so far which means people are turning to board games and jigsaw puzzles as a way to keep them entertained. So I thought I would create a series of jigsaw puzzles featuring my images to keep your mind active.

Different Sizes

We understand that people have different needs which is why we have created two different sizes. Take a look below.

Jigsaw Sizes


500 pieces - AUD$75

500mm x 450mm

NB. Image is indicative and due to the shape of this puzzle may be cropped compared to 1000 pieces

Midsize suitable for an afternoon session with a few people.


1000 pieces - AUD$95

715mm x 530mm

NB. Image is indicative only

Our largest jigsaw puzzle this will give you plenty of fun and frustration but oh what a great feeling when it is finished.

New Jigsaws

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Golf Jigsaw Gift Cards

Golf Jigsaw puzzles are the ideal gift however rather than selecting the wrong jigsaw why not let the recipient choose one themselves.